Rocco Cavalera

03 FEB 2015

Second release of the digital series by SECRET KEYWORDS.
The sound designer ROCCO CAVALERA make his debut with HEAVY ALLOY EP: a mystical dark dream, totally analog, built on repetitive sounds and notes that evolve creating new notes.
“Oxydatyon” is the track that open the EP, a beginning at all delicate, the slow and rythmic bass accompanies the track in the first part and than take over in the final.
“Heavy Alloy” brings the mind in a refined industrial Dark trip in the deepest point of the Earth where the pressure is unexplained strong and the temperature hellish, where the metal is heavy and has a specific sound: the Heavy Alloy sound.
“Chemical Rust” close the original tracks like the rust kills iron, in a fragment way whit an altered kick accompanied by drone, chord and well marked percussion.
The Polish duo “The Effaith” close the EP with an explosive remix, a real dance floor killer.


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