Antonio Mennillo aka Backlogs was born in Naples in 1991. His musical career began in 1999 with the first approach to music with his piano studies. In 2005 he approaches to electronic music, while being influenced by house sounds that characterized his city during all the years 90. In 2011, together with a childhood friend, begins his first project as a producer “Iron Arms”. In almost 3 years issue EP 5, all in house key, but with a melodic side that always characterized them. 2014 is a crucial year, which begins a full immersion in the techno scene, staying for about a year without releasing anything, but listening to a lot of music and experimenting with new sounds. In 2015 he moved to Taranto, where he became one of the resident DJ Sound Department: […] idea technological and cultural music which resists the proliferation of so-called “commercial culture” and is committed to spreading the movement’s sound Worldwide Underground […] . It was to become the “Backlogs” project. A purely techno project that swings from the most industrial and typical sounds of the ’90s, to the more modern electronic sounds. Until now it was only released a track on the label Secret keywords, but still has many projects in the pipeline ready to be released.




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