Being aware of the difficulty of changing the reality around us is the way to improve the individual and the self-realization as a spiritual entity. That path is the achievement of all achieves and the only manner to be a god, driving to the people by his holy will.
It is something that has always had in mind the young producer from Madrid since it began to create when he was only 10 years old, sound spaces with different terrifying and pathological samples looking for instill fear in the listeners and altering their perception, although he still did not know what involved the altered states of consciousness. Gradually he was implied in the clutches of environmental and experimental musical production that arose numerous projects which would serve him as a basis for learning the techniques that today applies on its main active projects and allow him to experiment with a whole amalgam sound synthesis to put between a rock and a hard place the alone individual with his own mind, a mind always dark and sick.
All his compositions are secret sound rituals seeking the neurological change, timely or permanent transformation of the listener’s gray matter.




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