Born in Rome at the end of 80ís, grown constantly surrounded by music, Stefano Rocchi started working on music as a game or “beatboxingî with his friend Sirio Gry J.
Stefano Rocchi also involved with graphics, architecture, and mathematics, got to learn more and more about sound design and the hardware structure of audio systems, adopting an engineering approach.
The music culture going through Techno, like Detroit style or more Chicago House, until Minimal rhythm and Rock atmosphere.
Music is passion and Stefano wants to share emotions through electronic beats; his sound got spread over Europe in clubs like Rashomon, Circolo deli Illuminati, Magazzino33, Muzak, Bilbliotechina, Trecentosessantagradi, Vicious, Animal Social Club and Stadlin in Rome, Russian Bar (in London) and La Macarena (Barcelona). Now that he shaped up a deeply personal Live set, the artist is looking forward to spread these more intimate ideas to those who are looking for something deeper.
Stefano’s workflow is focused on the research of a very unique sound; despite the short activity of few years, his persistency allowed him to deliver a big amount of truly original productions to many different labels already and to print his first vinyl called “Contatto” on Love Blast, followed several months later by the second record, “Contrasto” on Blackwater. Between studies in Audio Engineer, he costantly make Production also in digital format, for Label as Monolith Record and Minimal Rome out soon with THE new compilation Trame II.




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