08 MAR 2017

Secret Keywords is a vinyl and digital Techno label based in Berlin, founded by Gianmarco Silvetti and Natascia Parisella.
Exploring new sounds is a focus for the project, where new experimental shades of Techno have lead to featuring artists such as Conrad Van Orton with soon YYYY and AWB.
The ninth release sees the return of Emanuele Leonardi aka Eloim to the label. A young Italian producer and DJ who is able to carve out a variety of styles from ambient to hypnotic and tough, creating a truly diverse EP beyond his years.
The first track “Eagle Peak” is an epic soundscape affair. Teasing, intelligent melodies combine with an industrial influence, giving the impression of a beast rising from the ashes with a delicate soul. Second up is “Ta” that gets the four-four in motion. A club focused track that holds a deeper side, it builds with tension and adds spaced out synth work to capture an ethereal essence. “Everything Is Drone” gets slightly tougher, with a driving groove and wonderful hypnotic style.
The break brings in plenty of melancholic emotion to solidify this as a force to be reckoned with. The final track “Days of Madness” concentrates on a hard beat and a whirlwind of sounds pushing forward.
The heaviest of the bunch, there is light beneath the hectic surface, with a hidden sensitivity tucked away in its layers.


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