Michal Jablonski

16 OCT 2017

Michal Jablonski is back on Secret Keywords and this time with a solo EP, with remixes by the French producer AWB and the Argentinian duo YYYY.
“Chimaera” is the first vinyl release of the Berlin based label, composed by 3 original tracks and 2 remixes whitch will hit the bullís-eye.
“In Without” the track that opens the record, is an impact noise of one-minute and forty-seven full of abstractionism and anxiogenous power.
“Left Object” the track number 2 of A side follows the style of the hypnotic, dark and convoluted melodies typical of the Polish producer.
“Chimaera” the track which gives the title to the whole record, is pure energy from the first to the last note. Marked beat, enchanting rhythm and remarkable acid nuances define it as the perfect track for the dancefloor.
The remix of “Chimaera” on the B side by YYYY is determined by a stronger industrial – less melodic and more aggressive sound than the one of the original track. Pure power for body and mind of the listener.
“Left Object” AWB Remix is the track that closes the entire EP, and is outlined by the typical style of the French producer. Elegant sound assembled by a refined use of synths. Apocalyptic mood taste as hypnotic as physical and concrete.


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