23 FEB 2018

Kr:pt, Berlin-based DJ and producer, also founder of UMGNG Music, is the new artist introduced by Secret Keywords for this eleventh digital release.

“Disorder”, this the album’s name, is made-up by four tracks, two originals and two additional remixes: one edited by the Italian duo Noizyknobs, already appeared on Planet Rhythm and Motech, and the other one realized by the label honcho Gianmarco Silvetti.

“X4”, opening track of the album, is a coherent hypnotic path dictated by a resilient and 
involving bassline. “X4 (Noizyknobs remix) keep the energy of the original track but is dictated by a broken beat that gives it a certain UK style.

“X5”, third in the tracklist, defines more Kr:pt’s style with hypnotic sonorities and hints of melodic nuances joined by a violent and pressing beat. Gianmarco Silvetti’s remix of “X5” is the closing track of the album, 909 and 303 in a crescendo more and more acid at highest bpm determinate it as the perfect track to smash the dancefloor.

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