WHT MOTH is the name of the project made up in 2018 by Luca CST, DJ, producer and live performer originally coming from Siracusa, Sicily. He soon discovered the club scene of Berlin where he relocated at the age of 24, to challenge his talent behind the decks.
Starting from a very young age, Luca has been passionate about electronic music of all genres, expressing his most authentic and creative nature through the gloomy and obscure sounds of techno. His style drives to an introspective journey, crossing a bleak and furious path at the heart of industrial surroundings.
Luca CST started playing at Sicilian local parties, presenting a selection with a much darker soul than the one of the tropical island he was born into, consistently surprising the crowd with his great taste in music.
The 2016 marked the beginning of his career as a producer, first releasing his banging tunes on Switch Off Records. It was only one year later that he decided to move to Malta to work and publish his first EP Space Mythological Creatures on the prominent Colombian label Mephyst, collecting immediate and enthusiastic support from fellow DJs. Known for spinning deep and hypnotic sets, Luca has shared the decks with such techno luminaries as Derrick May, Ellen Allien, Sunil Sharpe, Rebekah, Endlec, Uvb, Gary Beck and Industrialyzer, among the others.
As a DJ at the historic Liquid Club in San Gwann (Malta), he regularly threw his own parties as well as rocking the venue as a guest. He moved to Germany to satisfy his strongest ambition, where he quickly absorbed BerlinĂ­s vibes and entered its clubbing circuit as a natural habitat. A darker and previously-unseen side emerged to his sound, as an evident proof of the transition to his alter ego WHT MOTH, his most sincere and effective form of expression.




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