Gianmarco Silvetti & Dahraxt vs Giordanø

24 SEP 2018

The second vinyl only release by Secret Keywords is a split record combining firstly two production versions by label head Gianmarco Silvetti and Dahraxt. The second half or flip side is an original production from Giordanø alongside a remix from Conrad Van Orton.

Gianmarco’s opening version of “Interstellar Cowboy” is made of stern stuff. Blistering claps, spaced out acid and an old school flare give this a unique feel.

Fellow Berliner, Dahraxt aka Mannella runs PicNic34 and its sublabel JTseries that has included contributions from Blawan, Sunil Sharpe for example.
Track two is his take on “Interstellar Cowboy” opting for a bubbling bassline with wild, looping samples, obscure textures but with a clear dance floor influence.

Giordanø is an Italian artist who has released music Illegal Alien, Affekt and Granulart.
His original track “Shimmer Mist” works a menacing gritty, analogue hook with a solid groove. Fairly stripped back and functional this is proper DJ weapon.

Conrad Van Orton rounds off the artists on this release. His remix of “Shimmer Mist” adds a more streamlined approach with a driving pulse. Additional deep chords add a classy melodic touch, but don’t be fooled, this is a powerful masterpiece of sound architecture.


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