Relapso is a Techno artist from Portugal and the owner of Relapso Records.

His first experience with turntable in 2008 and thereafter concentrated more in the electronic music and started to produce in 2009. After his first steps into Techno genre with some releases as his prior project “Delko”, he decided to implement a new face and was born Relapso in 2013 with his first release on Relapso Records. He started to play in Portugal in 2009 in clubs such as: Faktory Club, Hard Club, Inabar, Via Latina, Opart, etc. Also played in the famous Stattbad Club in Berlin. Since 2013 with Relapso Records he already had many interactions with many talent artists around the World like, Mike Parker, Mark Morris, Brendon Moeller, Echologist, Samuli Kemppi, IORI, Go Hiyama and others. In 2015 at April came out his first Album in his own label where show the guideline in his music and new way in Techno genre.

These days Relapso continues to develop and is constantly evolving with his production. His music combines the hypnotic synthesizers with the old 90s elements from Techno genre with a powerful bassline and background atmospheres.




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