18 APR 2019

The fourteenth instalment of the digital series belongs to “Relapso”, DJ and producer from Portugal also the owner of the homonym Relapso Records. He has gained from the beginning the support from artists such as Mike Parker, Samuli Kemppi, Brendon Moeller, IORI and Echologist. He is ready to introduce now Vrion, a five-track EP composed of three originals and two remixes, first one by label-head Gianmarco Silvetti and the other one by Wht Moth.
Vrion, the opening track and the one that gives the name to the EP, is characterized by a woody kick, light percussions and drums accompany the hypnotic drone for whole track length.
With Amorph, Relapso takes a more spaced out approach. Repetitive filtered percussions drive the listeners mind while the kick articulates the time and the vaporous synth attends the groove in this trip.
In Coda, last of the originals and third in the list, we find a distorted bass line driven by a hard-hitting kick, all bonded together by a crunchy drone and spaced-out drums.
First remix and fourth track in the list is Gianmarco Silvetti’s version of Vrion. This is a powerful tool to smash dancefloors. An obsessive groove, noisy drums, old-flavoured toms, logorrheic driving keyboard and revisited drone sapiently panned to move your mind inside this flashy tunnel.
The closing track is Wht Mothís version of Vrion. He takes a more distorted approach, his remix drives inside an introspective journey, crossing a bleak and furious path inside dark ambient carpets and moduled synth.


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