Producer and sound designer based in Rome, former student at I.E.D. concluded his studies in 2011. Since 2009 he is active with audio / video live sets, experimental projects and installations presented at festivals such as “La Notte dei Musei / Planetario”, “Musique”, “This Is Rome”, “Viedram”, “Reverse” e “L.P.M. – Live Performers Meeting”. Has several active open projects including IND (I Need Darkness), #LLL (Limbic Lobe ‘s Lies) and Oracle 2.0, in which the audio, video and interactive material are closely linked, creating a mystical atmosphere that brings the viewer into a dreamlike dimension. Lover of electronic music, he’s ranging across Drone, Industrial, Noise and Techno. The analog sound research is a prevailing characteristic adopted in its productions, creating atmospheres that exceed the simple listening, low frequencies which physically act on the space in which dirty noises are propagating, generated by a single note that evolves over time, self-structuring. The synthesis is the main filter that he applies to his work, training the ear to the constant search for new sounds and articulated rhythms, analog synths and avant -garde noise. He collaborates with the NUtone Lab studio (music production & sound design), in television, multimedia and Advertising-related ambit, with Istituto Europeo di Design and with the creative studio MadeOn.




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