The Effaith

29 NOV 2018

The thirteenth digital release belongs to Polish duo The Effaith, has appeared on labels such as Wunderblock, Drums Ltd and Off White Records, also resident at Module party. They become back on the imprint after a series of remixes made for artists such as Wht Moth and Rocco Cavalera in past releases. “Lost EP”, this the album’s name, is a four-track EP composed by three originals and a remix by label head Gianmarco Silvetti.

“Unichord” opens the ep with a hypnotic flavour, spaced out pads and slow synth, driven by lightly distorted drums and a big-room groove, will let you float in your mind.

Track two, “Fukushima”, follows the path already taken by Unichord, but with a heavy distorted clap and sharp lead to pave the way, held together by a bubbling groove.

“Lost” is the third track, and gives the name to the EP. A more dry approach has been taken here; the kick articulates rhythm with spaced out hats and loopy synth.

The closing track is Gianmarco Silvetti’s vision of “Lost”. He chooses a to shape the principal synth of original tracks, adding melodic, spaced-out pad, pounding kick and acid-flavoured bass and synths, giving to this track an old-school taste.


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